In a world covered by endless water, people are forced to eek out a living on the small patches of land above the sea. These patches of land have served as the cradle of life for the remaining civilizations for more than a millennia. For hundreds of years, peace has reigned, trade has prospered, the people are happy in their lives. However something has changed, a truth will be uncovered about an unknown past and the world will change forever.

You find yourself on Roan, a peaceful and prosperous isle to the north home to many different ecosystems and cultures. A place with little strife, a safe place oft visited by inhabitants of other isle’s, hailed as an exotic vacation spot to most and an adventure to others.

Yet something is amiss, ports opened and flowing have all been closed, city leaders gather in great number, fear permeating their hearts. A call has come, to seek out the islands most skilled inhabitants…


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