Player Characters

Character Creation Rules:
- Characters can be any class.

- Characters can be any Core Race, and if your interested in another non core race let me know.

- Characters will start at level 2, future characters start at party level.

- Starting Ability scores: 18,16,15,12,12,10

- We’re using hero points & every NEW character starts with 2

- Everyone may have 2 traits or 3 traits and 1 drawback

- Max Health for first 2 levels. All subsequent levels are as follows
D4 = 1d2 + 2
D6 = 1d3 + 3
D8 = 1d4 + 4
D10 = 1d5 + 5
D12 = 1d6 + 6

ex level 3 rogue is 8+8 + 1d4+4


- Players may choose their characters class skills. There is no limit, but please make it believable.

- Player characters may select [Incomplete Ancient] as a language so long as it fits the character. [Incomplete Ancient] allows for an individual to make out parts of written and spoken ancient. It can later be upgraded to [Complete Ancient] for free.

- Third party is okay for character creation.

- Not working much with religion but you may have gods, and if you desire there will be churches to specific ones.

- As I’m new to GM’ing I insist that ALL player characters receive Toughness as a bonus feat to prevent me from killing you all horribly in a depraved manner, even if your the pansy cleric. This feat is free and doesn’t count as a feat when selecting your feats during creation or future leveling.

Player Characters

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