As far as starting items and equipment goes, I’m working it a bit differently. I’m not going to be all that anal about what you start with, as I’d prefer the character to have anything that it might have due to its situation.

So you get all kits, all clothes, basic non magical items, trade goods, weapons & equipment for free if they are not rare or magical.

You can have 8 alchemical items of 50 gp or less, or you can have 4 alchemical items of 100 or less for free as well. Or you can choose to have 3 cure lite potions in place of this if you so choose.

You also get the starting gold for your level.

All free items should be something your character can justify having it at hand. EX. Trader w/ horse & cart, hunter w/ traps and furs.

Any potions, scrolls or magical items must be bought as normal.

You may choose to purchase all items if you feel more comfortable doing so.

Any questions, ask.

PC Level* Wealth
2 1,000 gp
3 3,000 gp
4 6,000 gp
5 10,500 gp
6 16,000 gp
7 23,500 gp
8 33,000 gp
9 46,000 gp
10 62,000 gp
11 82,000 gp
12 108,000 gp
13 140,000 gp
14 185,000 gp
15 240,000 gp
16 315,000 gp
17 410,000 gp
18 530,000 gp
19 685,000 gp
20 880,000 gp


Adnascentia Ryukotse